Sunday, January 6, 2013

Binding Tutorial by Sharon Schamber

I am swiftly becoming a HUGE fan of Sharon Schamber.  She makes so many great tutorials for free to show us how to do hard quilting techniques with great tips to make them show-worthy.  Here is her version of putting show-quality binding on your quilt.  I am definitely doing this on my next binding.  This is well worth the time watching.  You will most certainly pick up something new from it.

Thank you Sharon.  You are amazing!


  1. Debbie, I've just discovered your blog....There is only one word to describe it.......AWESOME!!!!

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  3. This will so come in handy when I reach that point of my quilting. I'm still in the creating the top part. Thank you for sharing.


  4. Where did you get the glue bottle tip?

  5. Sharon's video turned me into a serial glue baster. I no longer fear binding, and I recommend this video often. Pressing the binding into the corner creates a perfect crease to know when to stop sewing. This video represents the ULTIMATE method for binding (in my view).


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