Thursday, September 22, 2011

Pieceful Loving

This is Sid.  He is a very special 22-year-old young man who got very sick last Friday and collapsed in his doctor's waiting room.  He was rushed to the Emergency Room where he was found to have two tumors on his lung. 

The quilt you see covering up everything but Sid's smiling face is one that I have been working on for him for Christmas.  It was nearly done last Friday, but it needed some more quilting and the binding.  I went into finishing mode immediately.  I wish I had thought to take a picture of the whole quilt, but it is Sid that makes it beautiful anyway.

My daughter brought this to him yesterday, the day he was told that he has stage 4 lymphoma, which in his case is a very aggressive cancer.  He really loved the quilt and clung to it like it was his life.  Every test they took him for, the quilt had to come along too.  My daughter, a nurse watched as the doctors had to drill into his spine (a very painful process) to take a bone marrow sample.  He scrunched up the quilt, buried his face in it and held on for the ride. 

Sid posted this picture on facebook yesterday so that I could see him loving it and to say thank you.  This brought tears to my eyes.   I am so glad there was a way without words to comfort him and tell him he is loved.  What do you say to someone who has something so horrendous happen to them?  This is truely the best quilt I have ever given or made.  I hope you all know what I mean when I say that.  What a thrill it was to have my work mean so much to someone.  I am touched, inspired and thankful that God could use me to touch one of his hurting children. 

Prayers are SO appreciated for Sid.


  1. I sure do know what you mean by being your best quilt! Isn't it funny that the people who use our quilts constantly, get them dirty, put them in the car for the kids and use them till they are tattered get the most quilts from us? When my family/friends just put them on the bed in the guest room or 'put it up so it doesn't get dirty' I never feel inclined to gift them another one! The best quilts we do are the ones that are so loved...

  2. As a person with cancer for 7 years, who wasn't expected to make it 2 months, to you I say Miracles happen every day. What I wanted from other people is "I love you & am here for you." & people who helped me laugh. I was also given a quilt. The thought of the time spent making it for me (I quilt, too) said we love you over & over. Have already prayed & will continue to remember him & you.

  3. That is definitely one of the cutest pictures I have ever seen. :-) What a beautiful purpose to your passion...makes my heart smile! :-)

  4. What a beautiful picture and a heart-warming story. I will pray for Sid... God bless him. Please keep us posted on his progress. If anyone sets up a "Caring Bridge" or "Care Pages" site for him, please give out the link. I want to keep up with him.

  5. Hi DEb what a beautiful gift--with all the love and prayers that went in to making the quilt--know wonder it brings him great comfort--you take care and God Bless--Pam Board


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