Friday, February 26, 2010

Quilt Retreat and Organization Discovery

I have been away at our cabin for the last ten days.  This has been a wonderful retreat for me, destressing and refilling my well being.  My wonderful husband allowed me to sew until I couldn't sew anymore.  That happened only one day though. (he-he) We had a wonderful time. 
This is the front of our cabin, and the little machine on the left is one of the things that kept my husband happy and well occupied while I did the sewing thing.  I hadn't started any projects for our quilt show in November, so I have a lot of catching up to do.
This is a side view of the cabin that was just finished this past October during the fall season.  The bedroom is the area on the right.  I just love this place.  It is a total get away for us.  It is very small, but intended to not cause us too much work or cost to maintain.  My very talented husband did all of the work of designing and building this last year.
This is the view from our livingroom window.  It changes with every season and never ceases to amaze me with its beauty and serenity.
This is the main room, Kitchen and livingroom area from one direction.  We have all of the comforts of home here.

This is another view of the main room.
This is our diningroom table which 95% of the time had a sewing machine on it and an ironing board set up next to it.  I go mellow all over just thinking about it. 
Here is our driveway.  It is a little bit of a hill, and the snow is about knee deep right now.  Just wonderful for a winter vacation.  It snowed with lake-effect snow from Lake Superior just about everyday.  We have three wonderful neighbors up there that generously take care of us with plowing and anything else we may need.  Such wonderful people!

And here is my organizational discovery from the trip.  The white underneath these blocks is an inexpensive package of 25 scrapbook cardstock papers that I picked up on the way at JoAnn's.  I believe I paid about $2.50 with my 40% off coupon they so generously and frequently send.  The paper is 12 x 12, so it is the perfect size to hold an unassembled block.  These were scrappy log cabin blocks, so I wanted to distribute the scraps evenly, and this really helped with that.  I could label the paper with pencil as to which block it was, and it kept everything well organized during the sewing process.  The pencil information can be erased and then the papers reused for another project.


  1. You have a small slice of heaven up in the northwoods!


  2. Makes me anxious for camping season! Glad you had such a relaxing and fun trip.

  3. How far are you from the Ashland/Bayfield area? My kids live in and near Ashland and I love going up there. 5 hours


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