Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Bitten By the Wool Bug

Well I have been bitten by the wool bug.  I am sewing mittens, appliquing and quilting with it.  Here is part of the stash.

Where do I get all my wool?  It all started with my mom passing four years ago and the desire to make a quilt out of her wool suits.  Well of course I didn't have enough colors, so the hunt began at thrift shops and rummage sales.  That is what brought me to this place, where my wool runneth over.  I am crowding myself out of my huge sewing room at this point.  I just can't seem to help myself though.

The wool clothing needs to be 90% or more wool.  I take the clothing apart and then wash in very hot water and then dry.  Then I have felted wool.  I just love it.  I also felted sweaters this year and made 26 pairs of mittens.

These are the few pairs I have left.  They are the warmest and softest mittens you would ever want to wear.  It took three prototypes to come up with a good pattern.  The first one had thumbs so long that a chimpanzee would have liked them. (he-he)

I have two wool quilts in the works right now that I will show when finished.  But I just found this
pattern at Martha Stewart's site that looks like it just has to be tried.

Don't they look warm?  I get cold feet so easily.  You can find the pattern to these  at

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  1. hi Debbie, my name is Andrea Veronica, your works are beautifull, very very nice! Sorry for my english!


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