Saturday, January 30, 2010

Raingutter Sailboat Regata

Today was a great day.  It started out early with a phone call from my daughter to come and watch her son and my grandson, Tucker participate in the Cub Scout Raingutter Sailboat Regata in the dairy section of our local grocery store. 

He was really wound up and could hardly sit still for all of his excitement.  Earlier in the week he was over to have Grandpa help him paint and prepare his beautiful entry in this amazing race.  He was sent home with orders to practice controlling his boat in the bathtub.   Tucker's dad had to work today, so Grandpa was substituting for coach and chauffeur for this really special event.  My daughter and I had to travel in a separate car, as we were told that this was a guy thing.  But, we were allowed to watch and cheer. 

Tucker loves to be with his Grandpa, who knows how to relate to this young boy like a best friend.  I really marvel watching that friendship. Last year my daughter asked him how old Grandpa was, and he said 6 (a year older than him). 

So here is the dairy section with the raingutters carefully filled and balanced to specifications by their scout leaders.  I thought it was so nice of the grocery store to allow this event to take place there, as the water would have frozen in five minutes outside in our very-cold January Wisconsin weather.  A sailboat just does not go far in ice.

Here is the handsome man, Tucker.  He is holding his beautiful pirate ship and anxious to race her. 

Tucker is in the first grade and already has made his first quilt two years ago.  He has another one in  process for our next quilt show that he is making with me also.  One of his finer qualities is that he really appreciates a good quilt.  I have been diligent to teach this quality to all four of my grandchildren.  You will be hearing more about the other three in future posts.

This is the first heat, and he wins!  Two more heats to go.  He wins one and loses one.  So stressful to the participants and parents.  You can see how they want to win so badly. 

And the second place winner is....(drum roll) Tucker!  As you can see by the look on his face, he is pretty happy about those ribbons.  I sure do love this kid. 


  1. So fun! Loved having you there. It would have been pretty lonely for me without you there:) Maybe you and I sould consider GIRL scouts....

  2. Love that little fella too! I can totally hook you up in the Girl Scout department! ;-) Looks like such a fun day!

  3. Such a sweet post and great little guy. Sounds like him and grandpa have a very special relationship. Nice to find your blog.


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