Saturday, January 14, 2012

No Waste Flying Geese Shortcut and 3D Flying Geese Tutorial

I found a shortcut method with no waste of fabric for making flying geese at I have never seen it done this way, and I thought you all might be interested in seeing how this works.

For their instructions click here. has many free tutorials, quilt motifs, applique patterns and paperpieced patterns. To check them out click here.

In reading a little deeper into the Patchpieces site, I discovered that the site is run by Patti Anderson, a pattern designer. You can buy her designs on her site. She also is an expert at the EQ software program and has some tutorials on the use of that and is in the process of developing more on the use of EQ. I plan on going there and checking this site out more, as I really think it is worth the time.

                                           3D FLYING GEESE TUTORIAL

Here is a nice tutorial on how to do the 3D flying geese. This was found at:

Is There Ever Enough Time to Quilt
They have a picture tutorial of how it is done. I have drafted the instructions below which you can get a printer friendly version of here.


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