Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My Two Grandchildren Finished Their Quilt Tops!

We got both tops put together this week!  That is a lot accomplished in this busy life.  We also celebrated two of my grandchildren's birthdays and the Fourth of July.  So, you can see why I am so pleased.
Here are the finished tops that I promised to show you.  This is Brenin who just turned 7.  She calls this Polka Dot Playground.  This is an adapted technique I saw on Sewing with Nancy called Raggedy Reverse Applique that was invented by Kim Denault. She drew the circles onto tracing paper, then she sewed on the circles over three layers of flannel.  Then the flannel was cut away in different sections and fringed.  I also am using a newer technique on the quilting with a fleece backing and sewing the vertical seams into the backing which I am taking from a quilt designed by Sharon Rotz called Keep Your Quackers in a row.  See that quilt here.  It is a wonderfully simplified quilting technique.

This is Tucker's quilt who loves wildlife and sea life.  He drew every one of these pictures freehand with the help of my husband's tutoring.  Tucker also is 7, and this is his second quilt.  He used the same method as Brenin did above.  This is a wonderful technique to teach young children to quilt.  Kim Denault has a book out on Raggedy Edge Quilting that you can purchase on Amazon.com and through Nancy's Notions.

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  1. LOVE them...can't wait to snuggle those babies in those super soft quilts! Those are some proud faces!


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