Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mothers Day and Mexican Stars

This is my challenge quilt that I made for our guild crayon challenge.  I was given two crayons and was told to make a quilt less than 40" per side with the two colors of the crayons and black and white fabric.  I used a pattern called Mexican Stars, which I just love.  The quilting was done by me on my home sewing machine.  I found a new product called Transfer-Eze to put the whirly motifs on.  What a fantastic product that is.  It goes through your computer to put the images on, peel off the back and then stick on the quilt.  After done quilting you just soak, and it dissolves.  Absolutely wonderful!  It was designed to transfer embroidery designs, but it is excellent for quilting motifs too.

Mother's day was wonderful.  I got to spend it with my daughters and mother-in-law with a dinner out and a movie.  My daughter, Cari posted this silly thing on facebook.  It is just a hoot.  Please see:


  1. Love how the challenge quilt turned out! Also loved our Mother's Day away...so relaxing!

  2. I can't wait until Monday! I think I'll bring my sewing machine

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