Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A precious Spring and Easter

It has been weeks since I have been back here.  Have had a bad cold for 11 days and many activities to tend to with our quilt guild.  But I am back and determining to get more peace in my life.
Here are two of the "boys" in my life.  The handsome gentleman on the right is my husband, Gary of 39 years and the best grandpa ever.  The cute thing with those adorable ears on his lap is our grandson, Garret.  This was taken Easter morning.  We had such a lovely day with family.
These two beauties are my granddaughters, Luca and Brenin.  They are sisters and look more alike (in heart) every day.  The Forsythia bush behind them was the first beacon of spring and was planted in remembrance of our Aunt Dolly who passed on Easter morning several years ago.  We miss her so very much.

Here is the whole crew of grandchildren, Tucker, Luca, Brenin and Garret.  The boys are brothers (daughter Kristin's children), and the girls are sisters (daughter Cari's children).  That little one is showing a little leg (hee-hee).  They all have such different personalities, and I love each grandchild so very much.  How blessed it is to have them.

And now, a view from my backyard...I am so thankful for flowers and color and the beauty that God puts all around us.  Help me Lord to stop and smell the roses (or tulips).
God bless you all!  Remember to breathe and experience life.  I have to remind myself to do that on a daily basis.


  1. Your garden is lovely! I'll have to stop by to visit the gorgeous flowers in person.


  2. Great post! I believe I'll stop and smell whatever's blooming today too...thanks for the reminder!


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