Thursday, January 7, 2010

Memorial Quilt

This is one of the quilts finished in 2009.  It is a memorial quilt made for the widow of a wonderful man who passed in the early part of 2009.  I had only met this couple once before making this quilt.  I was amazed at the ministry and therapy that took place one night as his widow tried in just three hours to relate to me a life fully and wonderfully lived.  I needed to know as much as possible to make this quilt for her.  Later this lovely lady took me into his closet and took out all of his favorite shirts and talked about all of the memories attached to them. 

He was a collector of Eagles.  He was active in the Christian Motorcycle Association.  He was the kind of guy who was always there to help when someone needed a helping hand.  He loved the western style of dress and built a covered wagon.  The clues went on and on. 

Honestly, I was expecting a lot of plaid shirts to work with.  I did not expect Navajo prints.  This was way out of my realm of design experience.  But a design did come to me to use the prints. The back is all of his flannels.  I wanted that soft to wrap around her for comfort.  It took about three months to finish and I still hear from her about how that quilt touched her and all who knew him.  

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  1. Debbie--it turned out so wonderful! What a treasure.



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